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Arte Libre has opened its doors to masters from different backgrounds around the world, achieving recognition and interaction with peers in different latitudes and continents totaling more than thousand through Network Free Art with art students, art teachers, Amates, friends and supporters of artistic language simply adding almost 5000 friends Free Art, gallery owners, exhibition halls, galleries vitualles, managers and promoters and expose artists presenting their art, their artists and in turn interact analyze and support staging of Free Art.

Since April 2008 there have been more and counted 50 galleries, each with more than 200 artworks from 100 artists from around the world. And monthly open at least 5 new galleries with new work and new artists and talents that want to participate freely in our gallery. We must recognize that opening our Chapter in Denver and Colorado have few local artists participating directly in our gallery, which is a good overview for launch our local process.

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  1. Amparo Dec 15th 2012

    Felicitaciones Artelibre, hermosa página.

  2. Gracias tus aportes de ayer de hoy de manana son muy importantes para nosotros… nos veremos pronto.

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  4. Thanks for your opinion and support… really the art problem is economic… we don’t can spend more money in this place… we need money for survive… we have open place in FB and recibe like 200 feedback for day… unfortunatly need free solutions… and that is our headache… don’t need more for now… our other problem is time… Thanks for your time and support.

  5. Dear classmate! congratulations again! your project is amazing!

  6. admin Dec 2nd 2014

    Thanks Silvana, You are welcome, our place in F.B. is open. Click where you want, you are Welcome.

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